The Cash Store

The store you see today in Pioneer Park is a replica of the store built by Mr HS Coombe. This small iron structure was built in the western end of the railway yard in 1913 while he and others were waiting for the town allotments to be surveyed. It was one of two stores that operated near the Karoonda bore. (The replica is 90% of the original size.)

Mr Coombe moved his timber and iron store to Lot 13 in Railway Terrace and extended it on the western side. The store was later demolished and replaced with a much larger timber and iron store with a residence behind. Mr Coombe carried the full range of general store lines, groceries, hardware and drapery. In 1918 Mr Coombe sold his business and moved to Berri where he ran a huge supermarket and specialty departments and traded as HS Coombe until 1985.

The building was bought by Mr Salem Peter who erected a stone bakehouse on the western boundary of the store property. Creating two competing bakeries side by side.

In 1929 Mr Joseph Harby purchased the business. New stone walls were built around the old iron store in about 1933 then the old iron walls were demolished leaving a new spacious shop. Mr Harby died on June 4 1944 and his wife Mrs Ruby Harby managed the business. Baking ceased in around 1955.

Mr Peter Harby took over from his mother in 1965. The store remained a true general store until Mr Harby sold out in 1973. The shop has had a series of owners finishing up as a newsagency in 20?? and is now privately owned.