Football & Netball Club History

Football and netball have always been – and continue to be – a significant part of Mallee community life.

The Karoonda Football Club’s first team played in 1914, and later merged with the nearby Borrika Football club to become the aptly named Karoonda Borrika Football Club.

In 1994, two other local clubs – United and Wynarka – merged with the Karoonda Borrika Football Club to create the modern-day Karoonda Districts Football Club.

Playing in the Mallee Football League, the club regularly lines up against Murrayville, Lameroo, Pinnaroo, Peake and Borderdowns/Tintinara.

Karoonda Districts Netball Club’s history is the same as the football club, and it plays in the same league.

By synchronising their games, the Karoonda Districts Football and Netball Clubs play in the same location each Saturday, making weekend sport more family-friendly.