Wynarka Methodist Church

The timber and iron Methodist Church was the first church in the district, built by the Wynarka pioneers before the railways had even begun operations. The planned opening was 12 October 1913, yet because of supply holdups, no building had begun on the prepared groundwork by the 9th of October.

By the opening on the Sunday, however volunteers had the walls up and roof on and half the matchboard lining attached.

As the church was the only public building in the town for many years it was the Wynarka school and used for social events like dances.

The new church at Wynarka was opened on February 14th 1971.

The old church was dismantled in April/May 1990 and the materials transported to Pioneer Park. The stone lean-to at the rear of the church was demolished. Additional matchboard for lining the interior to replace the old matchboard not able to be reused was purchased in early 2001. The last fascia board was fitted to the front of the building in July 2001. The completed church was opened on Sunday October 21st 2001 by Mrs Dorothy Blacket, widow of Geoffrey Blacket and daughter-in- law of pioneer settler Maurice Blacket.

The coat on display was worn by the Reverend John Blacket who took the first service of Christian worship in the new Hundred of Hooper , near the Wynarka bore on October 8th, 1911. The original pedal organ and pews are displayed.

The church was painted inside and out in 2018 and now has a collection of the histories and memorabilia from churches in the district.