Karoonda Art & Sculpture Trail

Follow the Karoonda Art & Sculpture Trail to discover and learn about the different art pieces and sculptures in the town.

Each location has a QR code that can be scanned to find out more about the piece and the meaning behind it.

1. Geo-Facts 1-4 (YKB) by Tom borgas

Location: Kulkawurra Road, Karoonda (just over the train line)

Drawing inspiration from the geological aspects of the region, this installation was born from creative ideas and influence of the Karoonda Youth Action Committee along with talented sculptor artist Tom Borgas.

Taking inspiration from the famous Karoonda Meteorite,
Geofacts 1-4 (YKB) is a collection of 4 sculptored rocks that represent the geologcal speicemanes that play off the these ideas.

Karoonda Shuffle by Gary Duncan

Location: Railway Terrace, Karoonda

Walk, run or drive past this impressive installation to see the optical illusion of movement – or ‘shuffling’.

Erected on six old silo pads as a tribute to the Mallee
district’s significant grain industry, together they
represent the six months (or so) of the grain growing season – from seeding to harvest.

3. “Where is he?” by Mallee Boy Art

Location: Railway Terrace, Karoonda

This poignant piece is a tribute to the hard working women of the land, capturing the struggle of rural farming families and
honours their resilience and persistence.

Crafted over 320 hours using 11kg of welding wire to
construct, the sculpture also features hidden words that the artist created as a visual representation behind his work.
Can you find them all?

4. Karoonda Day & Night Silos by Heesco, Illuminart & DCKEM

The Karoonda Silo Art combines a unique mix of large-scale
mural for daytime viewing with colourful art projections that bring the giant grain silos to life at night.

Created by renowned Australian street artist Heesco, the
painted mural celebrates Karoonda’s rural lifestyle.

By night, an ever-changing display of art from South Australian artists lights up the main street attraction.