Pioneer Park Nature Walk

Discover the native flora and fauna of the Mallee on the Pioneer Park Nature Walk.

The trail begins with signage on the northern side of Pioneer Park and winds through natural scrubland for about 1km.

The locally iconic Mallee trees are the stars of the scrubland environment, with about eight predominant species, all of which flower at different times. Unlike most trees, the mallee tree doesn’t have a single trunk – instead its main root (a lignotuber) takes on that role and the multiple trunks seen above the ground are actually all branches of the same tree. While many eucalypts show their age in the size of their trunk, it’s impossible to tell how old a mallee tree is from its branches.

The word ‘mallee’ comes from the Aboriginal name for the Eucalyptus dumosa from Western Victoria, but the name has been applied to the entire family of these hardy dwarf eucalypts.

If you’re lucky, you might spot some of the native inhabitants including reptiles, birds and even echidnas.

To return to the town centre, walk back up East Terrace and turn right onto Railway Terrace.

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