Science Week 2022

National Science Week is Australia's annual celebration of science and technology.

Here are some of the cool and FREE National Science Week activities you’ll find in Karoonda:

Quandong and Sandalwood Plantation, Seedbank and Eco-habitat

Tour Brian Teakle’s award-winning quandong and sandalwood plantation, eco-habitat, seedbank project and regenerative farming concept. The project is recolonising the area with frogs and worms. A native bee hotel is growing in size and an echidna colony is nearby, with markings sighted.

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Karoonda Constellation – A trail of stories in light

Uncover the story of the Karoonda Meteorite as told through the eyes of a local Mallee Fowl. Then peer thousands of years into the future where humans live in giant domes due to ecological devastation, tended to by giant mallee-bots that keep the temperature stable. Come on a journey where the future meets the past and the present, and where hope is ever present.

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