Womechibat’s Journey

Indigenous artist Kat Bell to illuminate Karoonda Silos

The Karoonda Silos are set to come alive with a mesmerising display of art and storytelling as indigenous artist Kat Bell unveils her enchanting silo projection show. Taking place every evening from sunset throughout the month of July, this unique artistic celebration coincides with NAIDOC Week, honouring the rich cultural heritage of Australia's First Nations peoples.

Bell, an exceptionally talented indigenous artist, was handpicked to bring her creative vision to life on the grand canvas of the Karoonda Silos. Her 17-minute short story, titled "The Womechibat Stole My Mango" weaves a compelling narrative that pays homage to the local indigenous culture and the captivating landscapes surrounding Karoonda.

"The Womechibat Stole My Mango" is a tale of a mystical creature that visits Karoonda, exploring the sacred connection between land, heritage, and community. Through vibrant imagery, projected onto the towering silos, Bell's artwork immerses viewers in a visually stunning and thought-provoking experience.

The silo projection show not only offers a captivating artistic display but also plays a vital role in boosting regional tourism. By transforming the Karoonda Silos into an awe-inspiring cultural landmark, the projection show becomes a compelling drawcard for visitors, fostering an appreciation for indigenous art and heritage. It also presents an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to explore the beautiful Karoonda region and discover its unique offerings.

The Karoonda Silo Projection Show is free to the public, allowing individuals and families to immerse themselves in the mesmerising artwork each night from sunset.

About Kat Bell:
Kat Bell is a Gudjula & Girramay Woman. An artist and writer based in the Riverland, South Australia. Hailing from North Queensland she darws a lot of my inspiration from her culture, people's stories, and experiences. Kat’s artistic practice is an ongoing exploration, unfolding, intertwining tale of her Aboriginal cultures, stories, and experiences along with all the wonderful, inspiring, and intriguing things that venture into her life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What time does the projection show start?
The illuminated projection show will begin on the silos once the sun has set, which during the winter months is approx. 5:30pm

How long does the show run for?
The animation story runs for 17 minutes

What if I miss the start of the show?
Not to worry, the show is programmed to play on a loop continually until 10:30pm

Where can I share and tag any photos or videos that I take of the projection?
We would love to see your photos and videos of your visit to see the illuminated projection show - please use the hashtag #karoondasiloart and tag @discoverkaroonda so we can share and repost your images with our followers and the world!